Before moving to Denver, I taught for 10 years in Washington, DC.  I worked a lot of places - studios, the White House, CIA, State Department, SEC.  

It was a joy to see how a regular yoga practice inevitably improved people's lives, regardless of who, what, where. 

But I also found people hurt by just "jumping into classes," limited access to systematic teaching of how to do yoga safely and for best results, and too much focus on the purely physical exercises.  

We designed 303 b. to overcome these obstacles.  We help you do yoga right and well.  We work to make it more than just an exercise alternative.  We know (and share) it's power to center, calm and unleash potential. 

Our single minded focus is to help you pursue your path. The one that takes you where you want to go.  

Every journey begins where you're at.  

And the climb is joyous all the way up.  

Stacy Zook

RYT 500

Yoga Alliance


The ideal of health as “holistic” – an integration of mind, body and spirit – is common place.  But achieving it is tough in a fragmented, frantic world 

A world where we’re pulled constantly in 10 directions.  Where we never unplug.  Where multitasking is a frenzied constant.  Where specialists still focus on just parts rather than the whole: doctors and trainers for our bodies, therapists for our minds, spiritual advisors for our souls.

We are drowning in information.  What we are missing is space.

Space to breathe. To share.  Explore.  Learn.

Our ambition for 303 is to create a space to merely, fully and beautifully just b.


Eric Zook

RYT 200

Yoga Alliance