The greatest joy in teaching yoga is seeing people transform. Finding release, flexibility, strength.  Balance.  These are critical to the full enjoyment of life, not just in the moment, but across our entire lives.  We know that a strong yoga practice informed by mindfulness, meditation, practical nutrition and personal growth can keep us all functioning at the highest level to the very end.

But many struggle to master fundamentals in crowded open classes.  Are hurt by poses they're not ready for, or by just pushing too hard, too fast.  Too many miss the full benefits, the joy and elegance of an informed practice. 

We designed 303 b. to help you achieve a personalized integration of mind, body and spirit that will last your entire life. Our entire set of offerings are based on a handful of key principles.

1.  Fundamental.  We teach precise alignment so you truly learn how to do yoga that is right for you.

2.  Focused.
  Small classes and private instruction that provide personalized learning through consistent individual attention. 

3.  Fun.  Great people and enjoyable classes are certainly part of the fun.  But the real fun lies in experiencing yourself growing lighter, calm, and open. 

4.  Expansive. We help you develop simple practices you can apply at home and work so your well-being is not limited by the number of studio classes you can take.

At 303 b. we come together as a community.  To work out the kinks and lift up the heart.  To find ourselves - up, down, left, right - breathing, balanced and poised.

Every journey begins where you're at.  And the climb is glorious all the way up.  We look forward to working with you!

Stacy & Eric Zook
Registered Yoga Teachers
Yoga Alliance